Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are an agreement between us and you. This Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use of the TAJpoINT website and any of its products or services.


We are not responsible for Content residing on the Website. In no event shall we be held liable for any loss of any Content. It is your sole responsibility to maintain appropriate backup of your Content. Notwithstanding the foregoing, on some occasions and in certain circumstances, with absolutely no obligation, we may be able to restore some or all of your data that has been deleted as of a certain date and time when we may have backed up data for our own purposes. We make no guarantee that the data you need will be available.

Links to other websites

Although this Website may link to other websites, we are not, directly or indirectly, implying any approval, association, sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation with any linked website, unless specifically stated herein. We are not responsible for examining or evaluating, and we do not warrant the offerings of, any businesses or individuals or the content of their websites. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for the actions, products, services, and content of any other third-parties. You should carefully review the legal statements and other conditions of use of any website which you access through a link from this Website. Your linking to any other off-site websites is at your own risk.

Limitation of liability

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will Website Operator, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers or licensors be liable to any person for (a): any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, cover or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages for lost profits, revenue, sales, goodwill, use of content, impact on business, business interruption, loss of anticipated savings, loss of business opportunity) however caused, under any theory of liability, including, without limitation, contract, tort, warranty, breach of statutory duty, negligence or otherwise, even if Website Operator has been advised as to the possibility of such damages or could have foreseen such damages. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the aggregate liability of Website Operator and its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, suppliers and licensors, relating to the services will be limited to an amount greater of one dollar or any amounts actually paid in cash by you to Website Operator for the prior one month period prior to the first event or occurrence giving rise to such liability. The limitations and exclusions also apply if this remedy does not fully compensate you for any losses or fails of its essential purpose.

Changes and amendments

We reserve the right to modify this Agreement or its policies relating to the Website or Services at any time, effective upon posting of an updated version of this Agreement on the Website. When we do, we will post a notification on the main page of our Website. Continued use of the Website after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

Acceptance of these terms

You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. By using the Website or its Services you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to use or access the Website and its Services.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Agreement or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to it, you may do so via the Contact Page.


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Composition,2,Faizan Zaidi Poetry,2,Fakhira Batool Poetry,15,Fakhri Meeruthi Poetry,1,Fanna Buland Shehri Poetry,2,Faqeer Arif Imam Poetry,6,Farah Khanum Nohay Lyrics,1,Faraz Haider Kazmi Poetry,4,Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat Lyrics 2016-17,2,Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat Lyrics 2017-18,2,Farhan Ali Waris Manqabat Lyrics 2018-19,2,Farhan Ali Waris Nohay Lyrics 2015-16,1,Farhan Ali Waris Nohay Lyrics 2016-17,3,Farhan Ali Waris Nohay Lyrics 2017-18,6,Farhat Abbas Composition,1,Farhat Abbas Khan Nohay Lyrics,2,Farhat Balti Poetry,1,Farman Zaki Poetry,22,Farrukh Naqvi Nohay 2022-23 Lyrics,1,Farsh-e-Aza Poetry,1,Fatemah Ladak Lyrics Nohay 2006-07,1,Fatemah Ladak Lyrics Nohay 2012-13,1,Fatemah Ladak Lyrics Nohay 2016-17,1,Fatemah Ladak Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,1,Fatemah Ladak Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Fatemah Ladak Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Fatemah Ladak Nohay Lyrics,2,Fazal Abbas Poetry,2,Fazal Ilahi Shakeel Poetry,1,Fida Hussain Poetry,1,Fiyaz Hussain Haideri Poetry,1,Ghadeer Manqabat Lyrics,50,Ghazal Lyrics,92,Ghazanfar Hadi Poetry,2,Ghilman Rizvi Composition,1,Ghulam Abbas Khan (Monu) Composition,8,Ghulam Ali Ghazal Lyrics,3,Ghulam Ali Khan Composition,5,Ghulam Ali Khan Mundeki Composition,4,Ghulam Ali Party Mundeki Sialkot Nohay Lyrics,5,Ghulam Ali Poetry,2,Ghulam Hasnain Jafri Poetry,1,Ghulam Raza Jhandvi Poetry,1,Gohar Iqbal Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Gohar Iqbal Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Gohar Jarchvi Poetry,36,Gudi Khan Party Nohay Lyrics,10,Gulfam Haider Karbalai Poetry,2,Gulzar Jafri Poetry,5,Habib Ibn e Mazahir Nohay,1,Habib Jalib Poetry,3,Hadi Hassan Taqvi Nohay Lyrics,1,Hadi Shah Poetry,2,Hafiz Bilal Nohay,1,Haider Ali Haider Poetry,1,Haider Ali Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,1,Haider Awan Poetry,1,Haider Jafri Nohay,1,Haider Jarchavi Poetry,1,Haider Khursheed Poetry,22,Haider Raza Zaidi Composition,1,Haider Rizvi India Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Haider Rizvi India Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Haider Rizvi India Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Haider Rizvi India Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Haider Rizvi India Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,2,Haider Rizvi India Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,4,Haider Rizvi India Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,3,Haider Rizvi Manqabat Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Haji Iqbal Composition,2,Hamd Lyrics,10,Hamza Ali Khaliq Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Hamza Naqvi Poetry,2,Hamza Rizvi Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Hamza Rizvi Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,2,Hani Hallori Poetry,1,Hasan Abbas Qummi Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Hasan Kazmi Poetry,6,Hasan Mehdi Poetry,3,Hasan Qaiser Mehdi Poetry,1,Hasan Raza Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Hasan Raza Nohay Lyrics,1,Hasan Raza Poetry,2,Hasan Sadiq Composition,12,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1990-91,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1993-94,3,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1994-95,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1995-96,6,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1996-97,9,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1997-98,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1998-99,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 1999-00,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2000-01,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2001-02,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2002-03,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2003-04,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2004-05,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2005-06,8,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2006-07,4,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2007-08,4,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2009-10,1,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2010-11,1,Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2012-13,1,Hasan Sadiq Qasiday Lyrics,1,Hashim Rizvi Nohay Lyrics,1,Hashmat Raza Bahlool Poetry,10,Hasnain Abbas Brothers Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Hasnain Abbas Composition,4,Hasnain Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,2,Hasnain Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Hasnain Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,2,Hasnain Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,2,Hasnain Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Hasnain Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Hasnain Akbar Poetry,382,Hasnain Mehdi Composition,4,Hasnain Mehdi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Hasnain Raza Poetry,2,Hasrat Mohanai Poetry,2,Hassan Abbas Qummi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Hassan Ali Composition,1,Hassan Ali Nohay 2022-23 Lyrics,2,Hassan Ali Nohay 2023-24 Lyrics,3,Hassan Ghouri Composition,2,Hassan Murtaza Composition,1,Hassan Raza Nohay Lyrics,1,Hatif Naqvi Poetry,2,Hazrat Ali Manqabat,263,Hazrat Ali Shahadat Nohay,172,Hazrat Jaun Nohay,1,Hazrat Meesam Tammar Manqabat,1,Hazrat Muhammad SAWW Nohay Lyrcs,4,Hazrat Muslim Nohay,23,Hilal bin Nafe Nohay,1,Hilal Naqvi Poetry,8,Hilmi Poetry,1,Hooria Fatima d/o Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Hub-e-Ali Manqabat Lyrics,1,Hunain Haider Poetry,2,Hur Party Lyrics Nohay 2009-10,1,Hussain Al Hussaini Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Hussain Gohar Poetry,8,Ibrahim Baltistani Composition,1,Ibrahim Khalil Jalalpuri Poetry,1,Ibrar Bari Poetry,1,Iftekhar Haider Poetry,2,Iftikhar Arif Poetry,1,Iftikhar Haider Poetry,2,Iftikhar Hussain Composition,2,Iftikhar Qaiser Poetry,1,Ijaz Azai Poetry,19,Ijaz Hussain Yawar Poetry,3,Ikhtiyar Hussain Akhtar Chinyoti Poetry,1,Ilm Poetry,1,Imam Ali Manqabat,22,Imam Ali Naqi Manqabat,8,Imam Ali Naqi Nohay,3,Imam Baqir Manqabat,7,Imam Baqir Nohay,6,Imam Hasan Askari Manqabat,7,Imam Hasan Askari Nohay,5,Imam Hasan Manqabat,30,Imam Hasan Nohay,51,Imam Hussain Chehlum Nohay,40,Imam Hussain Manqabat,133,Imam Hussain Nohay,288,Imam Jafar Sadiq Manqabat,4,Imam Jafar Sadiq Nohay,11,Imam Mehdi Manqabat,69,Imam Mehdi Nohay,21,Imam Mosa Kazim Manqabat,1,Imam Mosa Kazim Nohay,53,Imam Muhammad Taqi Manqabat Lyrics,5,Imam Muhammad Taqi Nohay Lyrics,2,Imam Raza Manqabat,65,Imam Raza Nohay,16,Imam Sajjad Manqabat,12,Imam Sajjad Nohay,127,Imam-e-Zamana Manqabat,10,Imam-e-Zamana Nohay,1,Imdad Hussain Poetry,1,Imran Abbas | Zawar Ali Raza Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,2,Imran Abbas Composition,2,Imran Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Imran Abbas Mani Composition,6,Imran Abbas Mani Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Imran Abbas Mani Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Imran Abbas Sehar Composition,2,Imran Anser Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Imran Jatki Poetry,2,Imran Raza Poetry,2,Intezar Ali Khan Composition,1,Intezar Hussain Composition,2,Iqbal Bano Ghazal Lyrics,1,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2000-01,1,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2003-04,1,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2010-11,2,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2015-16,1,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Irfan Haider Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Irfan Poetry,2,Irfan Sahil Poetry,23,Irtiza Ali Asghar Nohay Lyrics,1,Istaqbal-e-Muharram Nohay Lyrics,2,Istegasa Lyrics,2,Izhar Hussain Fatehpuri Composition,15,Izn Abbas Khan Composition,3,Jageer-e-Ali Akbar Party Nohay Lyrics,1,Jagjit Singh Composition,2,Jagjit Singh Ghazal Lyrics,5,Jahanzaib Fahim Hashmi Composition,1,Jamiluddin Aali Poetry,1,Janab e Behlol Manqabat Lyrics,1,Janab-e-Qamber Manqabat,3,Jang e Khandaq Lyrics,2,Jang Lyrics,1,Jang-e-Khybar,3,Jang-e-Ohad Manqabat Lyrics,1,Jarrar Akbarabadi Poetry,1,Jary Raza Poetry,6,Jaun Elia Poetry,1,Javed Mirza Poetry,2,Javeed Akhtar Poetry,3,Javeed Khan Composition,1,Jawad Jafri Poetry,71,Jay Singh Poetry,1,Jigar Muradabadi Poetry,2,Joan Rizvi Composition,2,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,1,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,4,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,8,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,3,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,5,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,3,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,1,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,6,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,5,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,2,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,7,Joan Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,4,Johar Naqvi Poetry,1,Johar Rizvi Composition,1,Johar Rizvi Nohay Lyrics,1,Johar Shah Poetry,1,Kaleem Asghar Bijnori Poetry,1,Kaleem Usmani Poetry,1,Kaleem Zafar Poetry,9,Kalma,1,Kamal Mehdi Composition,1,Kamran Haider Poetry,10,Kamran Kami Poetry,3,Karbala Manqabat Lyrics,7,Karbala Nohay Lyrics,59,Karbalai Brothers Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Karbalai Brothers Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Karbalai Brothers Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Karbalai Sisters Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Karrar Maulai Poetry,1,Kashan Abidi Composition,2,Kashi Khan Composition,3,Kashif Abbas Kashif Poetry,7,Kashif Abidi Poetry,1,Kashif Hussain Composition,1,Katri Bawa Nohay Lyrics,1,Katri Bawa Nohay Lyrics 2009-10,1,Katri Bawa Nohay Lyrics 2013-14,1,Katri Bawa Nohay Lyrics 2015-16,1,Kazim Ghauri Poetry,1,Kazim Hussain Kazim Poetry,1,Kazim Khan Poetry,1,Kazmi Brothers Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,2,Kazmi Brothers Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,3,Kazmi Brothers Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Kazmi Brothers Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,6,Kazmi Brothers Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,9,Kazmi Brothers Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,4,Khak e Shifa Manqabat,3,Khalique Hussain Mumtaz Poetry,18,Khan Tasaduq Khan Nohay Lyrics,4,Khanam Nisa Poetry,2,Khawaja Ali Irfan Aneer Poetry,1,Khurram Murtaza Composition,5,Khurram Murtaza Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,3,Khurram Murtaza Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,1,Khurram Murtaza Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,5,Khurram Murtaza Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,2,Khurram Murtaza Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,1,Khursheed Ahmad Composition,1,Khutba Bibi Zainab,1,Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Gharib Nawaz Poetry,1,Kumail Zahoor Poetry,1,Kursheed Abbas Composition,1,Laeeq Raza Composition,3,Laeeq Raza Nohay 2018-19,4,Laeeq Raza Nohay Lyrics 2017-18,1,Laeeq Raza Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,4,Laeeq Raza Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,6,Laeeq Raza Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Lal Hussain Haideri Composition,1,Lal Hussain Haideri Nohay Lyrics,2,Lal Hussain Haideri Poetry,2,Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Lyrics,8,Lata Mangeshkar Ghazal Lyrics,4,Lyrics In Punjabi and Roman Punjabi,513,Lyrics in Saraiki and Roman Saraiki,33,Lyrics In Sindhi and Roman Sindhi,1,Lyrics In Urdu and Roman Urdu,2922,Maa Manqabat,1,Madad Ali Jaun Poetry,22,Madam Noor Jahan Ghazal Lyrics,5,Maheem Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Mahfooz Sultanpuri Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Mahmood Rizvi Poetry,10,Majid Sardar Composition,1,Malik Ahsan Ali Composition,1,Malik Aun Abbas Composition,2,Malik Hasan Ali Composition,1,Malik Shahid Abbas Awan Karbalai Poetry,1,Malik Shahrooz Poetry,1,Manqabat Hazrat Abu Talib,12,Manqabat Hazrat Ghazi Abbas Alamdar,83,Manzoor Hussain Composition,3,Manzoor Hussain Poetry,2,Maqam-e-Zawwar,9,Maqbool Hussain Maqbool Poetry,1,Markazi Dasta Dua-e-Zahra Kuwait Nohay Lyrics,1,Markazi Matami Dasta MSO Sialkot Nohay Lyrics,83,Markazi Matami Sangat Sirat ul Jannah Sialkot Nohay Lyrics,1,Marsiya Hazrat Abu Talib,1,Marsiya Poetry,4,Mashi Karbala Nohay,1,Masooma Sherazi Poetry,1,Masroor Anwar Poetry,1,Massam Hassan Karbalai Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Massam Hassan Karbalai Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Master Ali Zamin Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,2,Master Ali Zamin Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Master Ali Zamin Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Composition,13,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2014-15,1,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,2,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,7,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,10,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,6,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,6,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,3,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Nohay 2014-15,1,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,2,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,5,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,7,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,5,Master Syed Muhammad Shah Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,7,Matam Lyrics,17,Matami Dasta Pursa Daran e Hussain PDH Sahiwal Nohay Lyrics,2,Maulana Hasan Raza Banarsi Poetry,1,Maulana Muhammad Jafar Zaidi Poetry,1,Maulana Mujtaba Banani Fazil Poetry,2,Maulana Nadeem Asghar Poetry,1,Maulana Syed Ali Hamid Jafri Poetry,1,Maulana Syed Imon Rizvi - Mukhlis Poetry,1,Maulana Syed Zaheer Allahabadi Poetry,1,Mazahir Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,1,Mazahir Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,1,Mazhar Abbas Gondal Poetry,1,Mazhar Abbas Mazhar Poetry,1,Mazhar Abidi Composition,18,Mazhar Abidi Poetry,62,Mazhar Asghar Khan Composition,2,Meer Momin Poetry,1,Meesam Zaidi Bhawana Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,1,Meesum Kashmiri Composition,12,Meesum Kashmiri Manqabat 2020-21 Lyrics,3,Meesum Kashmiri Manqabat 2021-22 Lyrics,3,Meesum Kashmiri Manqabat 2022-23 Lyrics,1,Meesum Kashmiri Nohay 2020-21 Lyrics,3,Meesum Kashmiri Nohay 2021-22 Lyrics,7,Meesum Kashmiri Nohay 2022-23 Lyrics,6,Meesum Kashmiri Nohay 2023-24 Lyrics,4,Mehak Batool Zainabi Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Mehboob Ansari Poetry,1,Mehdi Hassan Ghazal Lyrics,7,Mehdi Zaair Poetry,1,Mehmood Karimi Poetry,1,Mehmood Khan Composition,15,Mehshar Lakhnavi,2,Mehshar Lakhnavi Poetry,4,Mehtab Ali Shahani Composition,1,Meraj Sharif Poetry,1,Mesum Abbas 2010-11 Nohay Lyrics,1,Mesum Abbas 2017-18 Nohay Lyrics,1,Mesum Abbas 2018-19 Nohay Lyrics,5,Mesum Abbas 2019-20 Manqabat Lyrics,1,Mesum Abbas 2019-20 Nohay Lyrics,3,Mesum Abbas 2020-21 Manqabat Lyrics,2,Mesum Abbas 2020-21 Nohay Lyrics,6,Mesum Abbas 2021-22 Manqabat Lyrics,2,Mesum Abbas 2021-22 Nohay Lyrics,10,Mesum Abbas 2022-23 Manqabat Lyrics,3,Mesum Abbas 2022-23 Nohay Lyrics,13,Mesum Abbas 2023-24 Manqabat Lyrics,4,Mesum Abbas 2023-24 Nohay Lyrics,6,Mesum Abbas Composition,28,Mesum Zaidi 2020-21 Nohay Lyrics,2,Mesum Zaidi 2022-23 Nohay Lyrics,1,Mesum Zaidi 2023-24 Nohay Lyrics,1,Mesum Zaidi Composition,4,Mili Naghmay Lyrics,6,Milli Naghma Lyrics,1,Minhaj Hasan Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2018-19,2,Minhaj Zaidi 2019-20 Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,1,Minhal Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Minhal Rizvi Composition,1,Mir Ahmad Navaid Poetry,15,Mir Anees Poetry,8,Mir Ashiq Baltistani Manqabat Lyrics,1,Mir Babbar Ali Anees Poetry,6,Mir Hasan Mir Composition,14,Mir Hasan Mir 2008-09 Nohay Lyrics,9,Mir Hasan Mir 2013-14 Nohay Lyrics,1,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2001-02,7,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2002-03,10,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2003-04,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2004-05,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2005-06,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2006-07,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2007-08,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2008-09,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2009-10,13,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2010-11,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2011-12,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2012-13,10,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2013-14,14,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2014-15,5,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2015-16,13,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2016-17,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,2,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,22,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,7,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,6,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2002-03,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2003-04,7,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2004-05,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2006-07,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2007-08,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2009-10,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2010-11,10,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2011-12,8,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2012-13,12,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2013-14,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2014-15,11,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2015-16,10,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2016-17,12,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,17,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,15,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,15,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,14,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,14,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,9,Mir Hasan Mir Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,9,Mir Hasan Mir Manqabat,3,Mir Hasan Mir Poetry,29,Mir Hilal Rizvi Poetry,16,Mir Ibadat Ali Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Mir Ji Manqabat Lyircs,1,Mir Ji Nohay Lyircs,4,Mir Joan Muhammad Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Mir Khanrez Poetry,2,Mir Monis Poetry,1,Mir Qasim Mir Composition,4,Mir Qasim Mir Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Mir Razi Mir Poetry,1,Mir Sajjad Mir Composition,9,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2017-18,2,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,2,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,2,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,10,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,2,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,6,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,3,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,4,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Mir Sajjad Mir Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Mir Sajjad Mir Poetry,71,Mir Takallum Mir Poetry,265,Mir Taqi Mir Poetry,3,Mir Yousuf Mir Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Mir Yousuf Mir Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Miran Bahadur Party Sialkot Nohay Lyrics,2,Mirza Ahsan Abbas Mohtasham Poetry,4,Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib Poetry,19,Mirza Sajjad Mumtaz Composition,2,Mirza Sajjad Mumtaz Manqabat Lyrics,1,Mirza Salaamat Ali Dabeer Poetry,6,Mitali Singh Ghazal Lyrics,1,Moazzam Ali Kazmi Composer,2,Mohammad Ali Moshi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Mohammad Elia Khan Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,1,Mohammad Murtaza Sabir Poetry,11,Mohammed Abbas Karim Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,1,Mohammed Abbas Karim Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Mohammed Ali Wafa Poetry,2,Mohammed Rafi Songs Lyrics,1,Mohsin Abbas Composition,1,Mohsin Hashmi Composition,1,Mohsin Khan Ghali Wala Composition,1,Mohsin Mir Ji Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Mohsin Naqvi Shaheed Poetry,20,Mohsin Poetry,1,Mohsin Raza Poetry,3,Mohsin Riyaz Mohsin Poetry,5,Mohsin Rizvi Composition,1,Mohsin Ryaz Poetry,1,Molai Composition,2,Molana Abuzar Jaffri Composition,1,Molana Abuzar Jaffri Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Molana Hamid Jafri Poetry,1,Momin Khan Momin Poetry,3,Mothers Day Lyrics,2,Mubahila Manqabat,2,Mubarak India Poetry,1,Mughees Hashmi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Muhammad Abbas Hussaini Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Muhammad Ali Composition,1,Muhammad Baqir Jafri Poetry,2,Muhammad Irtaza Aasi Poetry,1,Muhammad Irtaza Haider Poetry,2,Muhammad Raza Mungla Composition,2,Muhammad Raza Mungla Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Muhammad Raza Mungla Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Muhammad Raza Mungla Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,3,Muhammad Zuhair Abbas Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Muhammad Zuhair Abbas Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Muharram Chand Raat Nohay Lyrics,11,Muhib Fazli Poetry,19,Muhib Rizvi Poetry,1,Muhsin Jaffri Composition,29,Muhsin Jaffri Poetry,58,Mujawar Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,2,Mujtaba Hassan Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Mujtaba Shah Kazmi Composition,1,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Composition,5,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2008-09,1,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2009-10,1,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2010-11,2,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2011-12,2,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2016-17,2,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2017-18,2,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,4,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,9,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,9,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,9,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,7,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,5,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,1,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,7,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,3,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,3,Mukhtar Hussain Fatehpuri Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Mukhtar Hussain Maiju Khan Composition,2,Mukhtar Hussain Meju Khan Composition,3,Mumtaz Poetry,1,Munajat e Bibi Fatima Lyrics,4,Munajat Lyrics,10,Munawar Ali Khan Composition,18,Munawar Ali Khan Manqabat Lyrics 2008-09,1,Munawar Ali Khan Manqabat Lyrics 2009-10,2,Muqtadi Raza Amrohi Nohay 2018-19 Lyrics,1,Mureed Abbas Poetry,1,Murtaza Ameeri Baltistani Composition,1,Murtaza Jafri Nohay 2018-19 Lyrics,1,Musaddas Poetry,55,Musafira-e-Sham Party Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,1,Musahar Rizvi Asim Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Mushaff Hussain Naqvi Poetry,1,Musheer Kazmi Poetry,1,Mushtaq Hussain Poetry,2,Mushtaq Poetry,1,Mussadiq Lakhani Poetry,4,Muzaffar Warsi,1,Muzamil Abbas Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,4,Muzamil Abbas Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Muzzamil Rizvi Composition,1,Naat Lyrics,70,Nabeel Abbas Rizvi Manqabat Lyrics,1,Nabeel Abbas Rizvi Nohay Lyrics,2,Nadeem Abbas Lonay Wala Composition,1,Nadeem Abbas Lonay Wala Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,1,Nadeem Sarwar Ali Shanawar Ali Jee Composition,24,Nadeem Sarwar Composition,29,Nadeem Sarwar Manqbat Lyrics 2009,10,Nadeem Sarwar Manqbat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Nadeem Sarwar Manqbat Lyrics 2022-23,1,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1991-92,7,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1992-93,6,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1993-94,7,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1994-95,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1995-96,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1996-97,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1997-98,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1998-99,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 1999-00,10,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2000-01,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2001-02,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2002-03,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2003-04,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2004-05,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2005-06,7,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2006-07,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2007-08,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2008-09,10,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2009-10,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2010-11,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2011-12,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2012-13,10,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2013-14,10,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2014-15,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2015-16,7,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2016-17,7,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2017-18,7,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2018-19,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,9,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,8,Nadeem Sarwar Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,8,Nadeem Sarwar Poetry,44,Nadeen Naqvi Sirsivi Poetry,1,Naeem Abbas Composition,1,Naeem Abbas Naeem Poetry,7,Naeem Raza Haider Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Naeem Raza Haider Naat Lyrics,1,Naeem Raza Haider Nohay Lyrics,1,Naeem Sachyari Composition,2,Naeem Sachyari Poetry,2,Nahj al-Balagha,2,Najam Poetry,2,Najfi Sialkot Composition,18,Najfi Sialkot Poetry,55,Najm Afandi Poetry,1,Namaz Topic Lyrics,1,Naqsh Kazmi Poetry,9,Naseer Turabi Poetry,2,Nasir Abbas Composition,2,Nasir Abbas Poetry,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 1999-00,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2001-02,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2007-08,2,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2009-10,3,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2012-13,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2013-14,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2016-17,1,Nasir Asghar Party Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,2,Nasir Kazmi Poetry,4,Nasir Khan and Amanat Ali Composition,1,Nasir Khan Composition,5,Nasir Marhoom Poetry,1,Nasir Raza Mungla Composition,2,Naveed Abbas Composition,1,Nawab Arif Hussain Poetry,1,Nawab Haider Composition,1,Nawazish Zaidi Poetry,3,Nayab Hallauri Poety,13,Nayyar Sirsivi Poetry,1,Nayyer Abbas Composition,11,Nazakat Ali Khan Composition,5,Nazam Lyrics,1,Nazeer Baqri Poetry,2,Nazim Hussain and Afzaal Mehdi Nohay Lyrics,1,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics,6,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics 1991-1992,1,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics 1999-2000,1,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics 2001-2002,1,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics 2002-03,1,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics 2009-10,1,Nazim Party Nohay Lyrics 2012-2013,1,Nehar-e-Alqama,2,Nehar-e-Furaat Nohay Lyrics,2,Nohay Hazrat Ghazi Abbas Alamdar,167,Noor Ali Noor Poetry,23,Noor Jahan Qasiday Lyrics,1,Noorulhuda Kazmi Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,1,Nowroz Haider Zaidi - Shahi Wasti Poety,5,Owais Hasan Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Own Rizvi Composition,33,Panjtan Pak Manqabat,3,Parveen Shakir Poetry,3,Payam Azmi Poetry,3,Pervaiz Pilla Party Nohay Lyrics,1,Pul e Siraat,1,Purnam Allahabadi Poetry,2,Pyarey Khan Manqabat Lyrics,3,Qabil Ajmeri Poetry,2,Qaid Khana Nohay Lyrics,1,Qaim Bhojani Composition,1,Qaim Bhojani Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Qaiser Abbas Composition,4,Qaiser Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,2,Qaiser Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Qaiser Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,2,Qaiser Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,3,Qaiser Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Qalb e Asghar Sonu Composition,3,Qamar Baltistani Composition,3,Qamar Baltistani Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Qamar Baltistani Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,2,Qamar Baltistani Nohay 2018-19,2,Qamar Baltistani Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,2,Qamar Baltistani Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Qamar Baltistani Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Qamar Baltistani Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,4,Qamar Hasnain Qamar Poetry,2,Qamar Sajjad Qamar Poetry,3,Qambar Kiyani Composition,8,Qambar Kiyani Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,2,Qambar Kiyani Nohay Lyrics,1,Qambar Kiyani Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Qambar Kiyani Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,1,Qambar Kiyani Poetry,18,Qamber Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Qari Party Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi Naat Lyrics,1,Qaseem Zaidi Composition,4,Qaseem Zaidi Wa Biraadran Nohay Lyrics,2,Qasiday Lyrics,15,Qasim Ali Qasim Poetry,3,Qasim Badami Poetry,3,Qasim Raza Poetry,1,Qata Lyrics,14,Qateel Shifai Poetry,3,Qita Poetry Lyrics,2,Qurban Jafri Composition,3,Qurban Jafri Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,1,Qurban Jafri Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Qurban Jafri Poetry,5,Raees Baghi Poetry,1,Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Lyrics Manqabat 2010-11,3,Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Naat Lyrics,2,Rajab Ali Khan Composition,8,Rajab Ali Khan Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,5,Rajab Ali Khan Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,3,Rajab Ali Khan Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,3,Rajab Ali Khan Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,1,Rajab Ali Khan Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Rajab Ali Khan Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Rajab Ali Khan Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,2,Rajab Ali Khan Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,1,Ramzan Lyrics,4,Rana Tosif Poetry,4,Raqib Hassnain Raqib Poetry,24,Rashid Kamil Poetry,1,Ravi Road Lahore Party Lyrics Nohay 2006-07,1,Ravi Road Lahore Party Lyrics Nohay 2007-08,2,Ravi Road Lahore Party Nohay,24,Raye Ali Imran Poetry,1,Raza Chakwal Poetry,2,Raza Hasan Sadiq Composition,4,Raza Hasan Sadiq Manqabat Lyrics 2018-19,1,Raza Hasan Sadiq Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Raza Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2016-17,1,Raza Hasan Sadiq Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Raza Hasan Sadiq Qasida Lyrics 2017-18,1,Raza Hasani Composition,3,Raza Hasani Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,2,Raza Hasani Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Raza Shah Composition,134,Raza Shah Poetry,15,Raza Sirsivi Poetry,13,Rehan Azmi Lyrics Nohay 2011-12,1,Rehan Azmi Poetry,291,Rehan Rizvi Composition,1,Rehan Rizvi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Rehayi Aseeran-e-Karblala Nohay Lyrics,1,Rehman Khokhar Composition,1,Riaz Ahmad Razz Poetry,1,Riaz Hussain Composition,1,Riaz Hussain Jafri Poetry,2,Rida Karbalai Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,1,Rifat Sultan Poetry,1,Riyaz Ali Khan Composition,1,Rizvia Party Nohay Lyrics,2,Rizwan Ali Rashid Ali Poetry,1,Rizwan Ali Zaidi Composition,5,Rizwan Ali Zaidi Lyrics Manabat 2020-21,1,Rizwan Ali Zaidi Lyrics Manabat 2023-24,1,Rizwan Hussain Manqabt Lyrics,1,Rizwan Mirza Composition,6,Rizwan Mirza Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Rizwan Zaidi Composition,18,Rizwan Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2018-19,2,Rizwan Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,3,Rizwan Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Rizwan Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,3,Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2009-10,1,Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,4,Rizwan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,4,Romantic Poetry,13,Rubab Fatima Poetry,1,Rubai Lyrics,20,Rubeel Fazil Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Rumman Sajjad Manqabat Lyrics,1,Saaib Zaidi Poetry,3,Sabahat Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Sabeeh Hasan Zaidi Composition,6,Sabeeh Hasan Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics,2,Sabeeh Hasan Zaidi Nohay,1,Sabeeh Hasan Zaidi Poetry,15,Sabeel e Imam Hussain,1,Sabir Habib Khan Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Sabit Ali Poetry,1,Sad Poetry,64,Sadaqat Hussain Manganhar Compositon,1,Saeed Poetry,1,Saeed Sadiq Poetry,8,Saein Noshad Poetry,1,Safdar Abbas Tabraizi Poetry,1,Safdar Habib Composition,1,Safdar Kaleem 2020-21 Nohay Lyrics,1,Safdar Kaleem 2022-23 Nohay Lyrics,1,Safdar Kaleem 2023-24 Nohay Lyrics,1,Safdar Kaleem Rizvi Composition,3,Sagar Siddiqui Poetry,5,Sagheer Haider Poetry,1,Saghir Hassan Taqvi Nohay Lyrics,1,Sahib Poetry,1,Sahir Ludhianvi Poetry,3,Saifi Salimpuri Poetry,1,Sain Rehman Sangat Lyrics,2,Sajid Ali Poetry,1,Sajid Bakhtiari Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Sajid Jaffery Nohay Lyrics,1,Sajjad Ali Turab Poetry,1,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Composition,4,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,1,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,14,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,8,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,5,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,6,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,10,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,9,Sajjad Ashraf Taqvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Sajjad Bukhari Group Nohay Lyrics,11,Sajjad Bukhari Poetry,29,Sajjad Hussain Composition,1,Sajjad o Mesum Zaidi 2023-24 Manqabat Lyrics,2,Sajjad Zaidi 2020-21 Manqabat Lyrics,1,Sajjad Zaidi 2020-21 Nohay Lyrics,1,Sajjad Zaidi 2021-22 Manqabat Lyrics,1,Sajjad Zaidi 2022-23 Manqabat Lyrics,1,Sajjad Zaidi 2022-23 Nohay Lyrics,2,Sajjad Zaidi 2023-24 Nohay Lyrics,1,Sakhi Shahbaz Qalandar Lyrics,5,Sakyna Hemani Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Salam Din Hussaini Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,1,Salam Din Hussaini Poetry,1,Salam Lyrics,55,Salamat Ali Feroz Composition,1,Salamat Ali Feroz Poetry,5,Saleem Hameed Mokhar Composition,1,Saleem Mastan Composition,1,Saleem Mastan Manqabat Lyrics 2019-20,1,Saleem Mastan Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,5,Saleem Mastan Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,4,Saleem Mastan Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Saleem Mastan Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,1,Saleem Mastan Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,4,Saleem Mastan Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Saleem Mastan Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,2,Saleem Mehrabpuri Composition,4,Saleem Raza Composition,1,Salman Azmi Poetry,11,Salman Raza Amanat Khani Poetry,1,Samar Abbas Inqalabi Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,1,Samar Abbas Inqilabi Composition,2,Samar Abbas Poetry,18,Samar Abbas Sialkot Poetry,1,Sangat Dar-e-Sani-e-Zahra Manqabat Lyrics,1,Saqi e Kausar Sangat Nohay Lyrics,1,Saqib Jafri Poetry,1,Saqib Khan Party Nohay Lyrics,3,Saqlain Akbar Composition,5,Saqlain Akbar Poetry,75,Saqlain Ali Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Saqlain Ali Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Saqlain Ammad 2020-21 Manqabat Lyrics,2,Sardar Hasnain Haider,2,Sarfaraz Abad Poetry,1,Sarmad Mehar Composition,2,Sarwar Poetry,1,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Composition,1,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,5,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,6,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,2,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,2,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,7,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,3,Sarwar Raza Karbalai Poetry,1,Sarwar Shakir Poetry,1,Sayed Shanawar Makanpuri Poetry,1,Sayyed Zaire Naqvi Composition,51,Sayyed Zaire Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Sayyed Zaire Naqvi Manqabat Lyrics 2008-09,1,Sayyed Zaire Naqvi Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Sayyed Zaire Naqvi Poetry,6,Shaan & Rizwan Hussain Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Shab-e-Aashor Nohay Lyrics,5,Shaban Manqabat Lyrics,9,Shabbar Mustafa Composition,1,Shabir Eesaar Poetry,1,Shadan Dehlvi Poetry,3,Shadman Raza Composition,1,Shadman Raza Lyrics Manqabat 2008-09,1,Shadman Raza Nohay Lyrics 2010-11,1,Shadman Raza Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Shafaqat Ali Khan Composition,1,Shafaqat Ali Khan Nohay Lyrics,1,Shafaqat Mirza Composition,1,Shafqat Mohsin Kazmi Composition,1,Shah Inayat Poetry,2,Shahadat,1,Shahbaz Rizvi Poetry,1,Shaheed,8,Shahenshah e Karbala Sangat Geo Azadar Nohay Lyrics,6,Shahid Ali Abbas Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,1,Shahid Ali Shahid Composition,1,Shahid Ali Shahid Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Shahid Ali Shahid Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,2,Shahid Ali Shahid Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Shahid Baltistani Composition,38,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,10,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,5,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,2,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2003-04,1,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2007-08,2,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2008-09,3,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2009-10,2,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2010-11,3,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2011-12,1,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2012-13,1,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2013-14,1,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,1,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,4,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,2,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,6,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,3,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,7,Shahid Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Shahid Baltistani Poetry,6,Shahzad Abbas Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,1,Shahzad Mehdi Poetry,1,Shahzad Mirza Raja Composition,1,Shahzaib Hasan Composition,9,Shahzaib Nasir Poetry,2,Shaiq Merathi Poetry,1,Shair Abbas S/O Saein Rehman Composition,1,Shair Ali Abbas Composition,1,Shakeeb Jalali Poetry,1,Shakeel Badayuni Poetry,2,Shakeel Baltistani Composition,2,Shakeel Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Shakeel Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Shakeel Baltistani Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Shakeel Kazmi Poetry,3,Sham-e-Ghareeban Nohay,13,Shamas Baltistani Poetry,1,Shamim Naqvi Amrohvi Poetry,2,Shams Jafferi Baltistani Poetry,2,Shan Ali Waris Composition,1,Shan Manqabat Lyrics,1,Sharafat Ali Lyrics Nohay 2012-13,1,Shaukat Raza Shaukat Poetry,9,Shehbaz Haideri Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,2,Shehbaz Haideri Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Shehroz Hussain Composition,1,Shehzad Ali Composition,1,Shehzad-e-Ali Akbar Nohay,81,Shehzad-e-Ali Asghar Nohay,48,Shehzada Ali Akbar Manqabat,13,Shehzada Hasnain Shehzada Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Shehzada Nisar Jhandvi Poetry,1,Shehzada Qasim Manqabat,4,Shehzada Qasim Nohay,28,Shehzada-e-Ali Asghar Manqabat,10,Shehzada-e-Ali Asghar Nohay,5,Shehzaday Aun-o-Muhammad Nohay,1,Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Poetry,2,Sher Abbas Sain Rehman Composition,1,Sheraz Khan and Shahid Khan 2011-12 Nohay Lyrics,3,Sheraz Khan and Shahid Khan 2012-13 Nohay Lyrics,3,Sheraz Khan and Shahid Khan 2013-14 Nohay Lyrics,1,Sheraz Khan Composition,103,Shoaib Raza Shobi Composition,9,Shohda-e-Karbala Nohay Lyrics,1,Shokat Poetry,3,Shujat Ali Zubi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Shumaila Iram Poetry,25,Sibt-e-Ghulam Ali Composition,5,Sibtain Haider Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,2,Sibtain Haider Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,3,Sibtain Haider Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Sibtain Haider Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Sikandar Zaman Poetry,1,Sohail Bukhari Poetry,1,Sohail Shah Composition,3,Sohail Shah Poetry,5,Somi Khan Nohay Lyrics,1,Sonia Absar Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,1,Sonu Monu Composition,16,Sonu Monu Manqabat Composition,3,Sonu Monu Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,6,Sonu Monu Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Sonu Monu Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,3,Sonu Monu Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,1,Sonu Monu Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Sonu Monu Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,3,Sonu Monu Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,2,Sonu Monu Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Sonu Monu Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,3,Subbaib Abidi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Sudhir Narain Ghazal Lyrics,1,Sultan Bahoo Poetry,3,Syed Abbas Haider Zaidi Nohay Lyrics,1,Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Syed Abbas Raza Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Syed Abdullah Hasnain Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,2,Syed Abu Turab Poetry,5,Syed Abuzar Hasnain Poetry,3,Syed Ahsan Abbas Baquri Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Syed Ahsan Abbas Baquri Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,2,Syed Ahsan Abbas Baquri Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,2,Syed Ahsan Zaidi Poetry,1,Syed Aimaad Naqvi Poetry,15,Syed Akhtiar Hussain Shah Poetry,1,Syed Ali Ghazi Zaidi Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Ali Ghazi Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,2,Syed Ali Ghazi Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Ali Mehdi 2020-21 Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,1,Syed Ali Mehdi Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,4,Syed Ali Mehdi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Syed Ali Mehdi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Syed Ali Mukhtar Zaidi Poetry,1,Syed Ali Naqvi Composition,3,Syed Ali Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,1,Syed Ali Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,3,Syed Ali Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,2,Syed Ali Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,3,Syed Ali Rab Kazmi Composition,1,Syed Ali Raza Rizvi Composition,1,Syed Ali Raza Rizvi Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,3,Syed Ali Zamin Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Ali Zia Rizvi Composition,1,Syed Ali Zia Rizvi Nohay Lyrics,4,Syed Aliown Raza Nohay Lyrics,2,Syed Amar Ali Rab Composition,10,Syed Amar Ali Rab Poetry,1,Syed Ansar Hussain Rizvi Poetry,1,Syed Asghar Ali Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Composition,9,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2013-14,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2014-15,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2015-16,2,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2016-17,2,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2017-18,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2020-21,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2021-22,3,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Manqabat 2022-23,3,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2015-16,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2018-19,3,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2019-20,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,1,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,3,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,2,Syed Askari Hasan Zaidi Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,2,Syed Bilal Hasan Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Syed Dabeer Akhtar Abidi Poetry,1,Syed Faraz Ali Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Syed Faraz Ali Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Syed Farman Haider Shah Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Farrukh Hussain Nohay Lyrics,1,Syed Haider Mehdi Nohay Lyrics 2014-15,1,Syed Haider Raza Zaidi Composition,1,Syed Haider Raza Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Syed Haider Rizvi Naat Lyrics,1,Syed Haider Rizvi Noha Lyrics,1,Syed Haider Rizvi Poetry,3,Syed Hameed Abidi Poetry,2,Syed Hamza Rizvi Composition,3,Syed Hamza Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Syed Hassan Ayaz Jaffri Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Hussain Raza Kazmi Composition,1,Syed Hussain Raza Kazmi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Syed Hussain Raza Kazmi Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Syed Hussain Shah Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Iftikhar Hussain Poetry,1,Syed Iqtidar Shehanshah Poetry,1,Syed Irfan Haider Rizvi Composition,1,Syed Jafar Zaidi Composition,1,Syed Jari Sajjad Naqvi Composition,1,Syed Jarrar Haider Naqvi Poetry,9,Syed Joun Shah Poetry,11,Syed Khizar Zaidi Poetry,1,Syed Meesam Ali Mehdi Composition,1,Syed Meesam Ali Mehdi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Syed Meesam Ali Mehdi Poetry,1,Syed Mesum Ali Mehdi Composition,1,Syed Minhal Abbas Jaffery Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,1,Syed Moazzam Kazmi Composition,3,Syed Mohd Alam Zaidi Poetry,5,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Composition,2,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Manqabat Lyrics 2019-20,5,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,7,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,6,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,5,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,1,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Nohay Lyrics,1,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,4,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,7,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,5,Syed Mudassir Mehdi Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,3,Syed Mufeed Zaidi Composition,1,Syed Muhammad Raza Abidi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Mujahid Ali Nashad Poetry,1,Syed Muzamil Poetry,1,Syed Nasir Hussain Zaidi Composition,3,Syed Qamar Abbas Naqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Syed Raza Abbas Shah Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,1,Syed Raza Abbas Shah Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Composition,43,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2015-16,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,5,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,7,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2009-10,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2012-13,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2015-16,1,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,2,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,6,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,6,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,12,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,9,Syed Raza Abbas Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,9,Syed Rehan Hasan Poetry,2,Syed Rizwan Rizvi Poetry,5,Syed Sabeeh Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2017-18,1,Syed Sabeeh Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,3,Syed Safi Raza Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Sajid Jafri Composition,1,Syed Sajjad Naqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,1,Syed Sajjad Naqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,3,Syed Sajjad Naqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,2,Syed Sajjad Naqvi Nohay Lyrics,2,Syed Shabbar Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Shabih Raza Composition,1,Syed Shabih Raza Jafri Nohay Lyrics 2017-18,1,Syed Shabih Raza Jafri Nohay Lyrics 2018-19,1,Syed Shada Hasan Zaidi Composition,1,Syed Shah Ameer Hussain Mashhadi Poetry,18,Syed Shahan Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Shahryar Mehdi Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Subbaib Abidi Composition,1,Syed Subbaib Abidi Manqabat Lyrics 2018-19,1,Syed Subbaib Abidi Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Syed Umair Kazmi 2020-21 Lyrics Nohay,3,Syed Umair Kazmi Composition,1,Syed Waiz Hasan Sultanpuri Poetry,2,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Composition,12,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2003-04,9,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2004-05,10,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2005-06,10,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2006-07,10,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2007-08,11,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2008-09,10,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2009-10,12,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2010-11,12,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2011-12,10,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2012-13,11,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2013-14,11,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2014-15,11,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2015-16,12,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2016-17,10,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2017-18,3,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,3,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,6,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,5,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,5,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,2,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2013-14,9,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2014-15,11,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2015-16,9,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,2,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,7,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2019-20,8,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,6,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,12,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,7,Syed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,7,Syed Waqar Hussain Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Waseem Aun Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Wasif Abideen Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Syed Wasif Abideen Naqvi Manqabat Lyrics 2022-23,1,Syed Yousuf Raza Naqvi Poetry,1,Syed Zain Ali Rizvi Lyrics Manqabat 2019-20,1,Syed Zain Ali Zaidi Lyrics Manqabat 2020-21,1,Syed Zain Ali Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Syed Zain Raza Zaidi Poetry,2,Syed Zameer-ul-Hassan Tanveer Poetry,2,Syed Zarbat Ali Rizvi Composition,1,Syed Zeeshan Zaidi Poety,27,Syeda Amber Naqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2018-19,1,Syeda Amber Naqvi Lyrics Manqabat 2022-23,1,Syeda Amber Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2009-10,2,Syeda Amber Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2018-19,1,Syeda Amber Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2022-23,1,Syeda Amber Naqvi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Syeda Sadaf Manzar Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Syeda Sahar Rizvi Poetry,1,Tabaruk Manqabat Lyrics,1,Taha Narisnh Composition,2,Taha Narisnh Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,1,Tahir Abbas Sialkot Poetry,2,Tahseen Sakina Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Talib Allahabadi Lyrics Manqabat 2021-22,1,Talib Allahabadi Poetry,1,Tanveer Khan Composition,6,Tariq Butt Nohay Lyrics 2010-11,1,Tarjuman e Maqtal e Sajjad Nohay Lyrics,1,Tasaduq Khan Composition,1,Tasawar Abbas Tashna Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Tasawar Abbas Tashna Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,1,Tasawwar Abbas Tashna Composition,9,Tauqeer Hussain Poetry,3,Tauqeer Kamalvi Composition,1,Tauqeer Kamalvi Poetry,19,Tiflan-e-Muslim Ibn-e-Aqeel Manqabat Lyrics,1,Tiflan-e-Muslim Ibn-e-Aqeel Nohay Lyrics,16,Touqeer Taqi Poetry,1,Turab Brothers Manqabat Lyrics 2020-21,1,Urooj Bijnori Poetry,1,Urooj Zahra Zaidi Poetry,1,Ustad Basheer Khan Composition,1,Ustad Fateh Ali Khan Nohay Lyrics,1,Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Composition,23,Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Ghazal,19,Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawali,10,Ustad Sibt-e-Jafar Poetry,34,Ustad Sibt-e-Jafar Zaidi Nohay Lyrics,1,Uzma Ejaz Mirza Poetry,1,Wahab-e-Kalbi Nohay Lyrics,1,Waheed Jaffri Composition,2,Waheed Jaffri Poetry,4,Waheed Kamalya Composition,30,Waheed Rizvi Composition,1,Waheed Rizvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,2,Waheed-Ul-Hassan Kamalvi Composition,68,Waheed-Ul-Hassan Kamalvi Lyrics Nohay 2017-18,1,Wahid Imam Wahid Poetry,3,Wajid Ali Khan Poetry,1,Wamiq Rizvi Poetry,1,Wapasi Madina Nohay Lyrics,11,Waqar Poetry,1,Waqas Haideri Poetry,5,Waseem Hashmani Poetry,5,Wasi Rizvi Poetry,1,Wasif Ali Wasif Poetry,1,Wichora Lyrics,70,Yasir Abbas Poetry,1,Yasir Abbas Shah Poetry,1,Yasir Ali Jafar Composition,1,Yasir Raza Yasir Composition,13,Yasir Raza Yasir Manqabat Lyrics 2021-21,2,Yasir Raza Yasir Manqabat Lyrics 2021-22,1,Yasir Raza Yasir Nohay,4,Yasir Raza Yasir Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,1,Yasir Raza Yasir Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,3,Yasir Raza Yasir Poetry,77,Yasir Tabatabai Composition,2,Yawar Abbas Yousufi Poetry,2,yed Wajhi Hasan Zaidi Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Youm-e-Ashor Nohay,5,Yousuf Sardar Composition,4,Yousuf Sardar Poetry,10,Yusuf Ali Okera Manqabat Lyrics,1,Yusuf Okera Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Zafar Abbas Zafar Poetry,7,Zafar Azmi Poetry,1,Zafar Bin Shahab Poetry,1,Zafar-e-Jinn,1,Zaheer Abbas Multan Composition,3,Zaheer Abbas Poetry,1,Zahid Ali andTayab Ali Composition,1,Zahid Hussain Zahid Poetry,1,Zahid Khan Party Nohay Lyrics,1,Zahra Ali Poetry,1,Zaidi Brothers Lyrics Nohay 2020-21,1,Zaigham Hadi Poetry,1,Zain Ali Rizvi Nohay Lyrics,1,Zain Azmi Poetry,1,Zain Jafry Poetry,2,Zain Kazmi Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,2,Zair Jafri Composition,2,Zair Jafri Poetry,2,Zair Jafri UK Composition,1,Zaki Haider Zaki Poetry,1,Zakir Amanat Ali Jafri Composition,2,Zakir Bilawal Ali Hussaini Manqabat Lyrics 2023-24,1,Zakir Bilawal Ali Hussaini Nohay Lyrics 2020-21,2,Zakir Bilawal Ali Hussaini Nohay Lyrics 2021-22,4,Zakir Bilawal Ali Hussaini Nohay Lyrics 2022-23,4,Zakir Bilawal Ali Hussaini Nohay Lyrics 2023-24,4,Zakir Hussain Yousufi Poetry,16,Zakir Imam Poetry,1,Zakir Syed Tassawar Hussain Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Zakir Zaigham Qamber Poetry,1,Zawar Hussain Pasha Poetry,1,Zawwar Haji Shabbir Hussain Composition,1,Zawwar Syed Hasnain Abbas Al-Hasani Poetry,28,Zawwar Tanveer Jafri Poetry,2,Zeeshan Abidi Composition,12,Zeeshan Abidi Lyrics Manqabat 2023-24,1,Zeeshan Abidi Poetry,84,Zeeshan Ali Poetry,6,Zeeshan Haider Lyrics Nohay 2010-11,1,Zeeshan Morvi Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Zia Abbas Lyrics Nohay 2023-24,2,Zill-e-Raza Zaidi 2019-20 Nohay Lyrics,3,Zill-e-Raza Zaidi 2022-23 Manqabat Lyrics,1,Zill-e-Raza Zaidi 2023-24 Manqabat Lyrics,1,Zill-e-Raza Zaidi 2023-24 Nohay Lyrics,1,Zill-e-Raza Zaidi Composition,14,Zill-e-Raza Zaidi Poetry,10,Zohaib Ali Khuwaja Lyrics Nohay 2021-22,1,Zohaib Hassan Composition,2,Zoja Ustad Sibt-e-Jafar Shaheed Poetry,1,Zuhair Hussain Composition,4,Zuhair Ibn e Qain Nohay Lyrics,1,Zulfiqar Talwaar Topic Poetry,1,Zuljana Manqabat Lyrics,2,Zuljana Nohay Lyrics,8,Zurriat Imran Sherazi Lyrics Nohay 2016-17,1,
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